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LABI, in cooperation with Associated Benefits Consulting, is proud to offer members exclusive insurance and non-insurance offerings selected especially for LABI members.

Every offering will provide protection for you, your family, your employees and/or your business.  You choose to protect what matters.

LABI-Customized Protections

Protections for Business Owners

Protections Worth Exploring

Customized Offerings for LABI Members

The LABI Benefits Center provides the people of Louisiana and businesses of all sizes access to an a la carte menu of employee benefits and administration tools that are among the best in the market today – all in one central location at a special discounted rate for LABI members. It simply makes your job easier.


Health & Wellness

Dental & Vision Discount

Routine trips to the dentist and eye doctor should be part of your family’s quest to stay healthy. Seeing your dentist twice a year and routine eye exams help maintain overall health, but the cost of dental care and vision care can really add up. Imagine being able to enjoy significant savings on dental care and vision care. That is what Careington’s dental – vision discount plans are for. These plans are NOT insurance. They are easy-to-use programs designed to instantly save you money right in the provider’s office. Just search for a participating dentist, optometrist or LASIK provider and schedule an appointment. Then show your ID card located in your phone app and you and your family can start enjoying the savings immediately! Careington discount plans are great for individuals, families, employers, and retirees who need dental and vision treatment. With Careington, spend less on a plan designed to save you more.

  • Plans starting at $9.95/month
  • 5% to 20% savings on orthodontics including braces and retainers for children and adults
  • Save 5% to 50% on most dental procedures including routine oral exams, unlimited cleanings, and major work such as dentures, root canals, and crowns
  • Members will receive savings of 40% to 50% off the overall national average cost for Traditional LASIK surgery through QualSight or receive significant savings on newer procedures like Custom Bladeless (all laser) LASIK

Dental Insurance

Keep your smile healthy with access to a nationwide provider network.

Getting the right care is easy and convenient.

  • 100% covered preventive care
  • Large nationwide network
  • Instant approval
  • Access to a dental network of more than 85,000 dental offices
  • No need to submit claim forms

Vision Insurance

Whether you wear glasses or have perfect vision, preventive eye care is an important part of managing your overall health. The right vision insurance plan can help reduce the cost of eye exams, frames, lenses, and other services. Consider this, two out of every three Americans are affected by vision problems. With the increased use of computers and mobile devices as part of our daily routine, 70% of adults in the US will experience some form of eye strain, requiring medical attention. Vision insurance helps you save money by giving you access to VSP’s Nationwide network of eye care centers with discount rates that offset the expense of eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses for a small copay. If you are an individual, a family, or retired and insured by Medicare, we are ready to help you take control of your vision care cost.

  • The nation’s largest independent doctor network
  • Typical savings with VSP individual coverage is over $270 a year.
  • Enrollment is open year-round
  • No waiting period

Group Telemedicine

Have the ability to connect to a doctor, dermatologist, or behavioral health provider from wherever you are via phone or video. The provider is also able to prescribe medication as appropriate.

  • Unlimited consultations with a doctor via phone or video 24/7/365
  • Receive a second opinion on an existing diagnosis and treatment for any condition.
  • Unlimited scheduled visits via phone or video with a mental health provider of your choice.
  • Upload photos of your skin condition to the app and get a treatment plan from a dermatologist within two business days.

River Primary Care

 River is a subscription service for your everyday health needs. With River, you can see a doctor when you’re sick, get prescription refills, selected labs, birth control, nutritionist appointments, and more for just $35/month.

  • Unlimited Virtual Visits
  • $0 In-Person Visits*
  • Treatment for over 150+ Conditions
  • $5 Affordable Prescriptions

*Note: Limited to services that cannot be treated virtually. Up to 3 per year.

EAP Complete Mental & Wellness

CuraLinc’s strategic approach to employee assistance (EAP) administration provides guidance and advocacy to help employees address depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, substance use problems, legal and financial issues, stress and grief.

CuraLinc Healthcare’s employee assistance (EAP) and member assistance (MAP) programs provide an organizational, yet confidential, approach to working constructively with employees and members who experience personal and work-related problems that impact their health, productivity, wellbeing and emotional fitness.

  • Around-the-clock access to licensed clinical professionalsNO deductibles
  • Short-Term Mental Health Counseling Through CuraLinc’s nationwide network of licensed behavioral health cliniciansEasy claims process
  • Financial and Legal Consultation – Participants have access to a nationwide network of attorneys, CPAs and CFPs to address an unlimited number of legal or financial concerns
  • Expert Dependent Care Referrals – CuraLinc’s experienced team of specialists provide guidance and referrals to child and elder care resources, back-up care, adoption, auto repair and more.

Benefits for Pets

Pet Assure & WhiskerDocs & Access Development provides your pets the care they deserve at a price you can afford. Pet Assure will provide savings of 25% off in-house medical services at participating veterinarians, including routine care visits, sick visits, vaccinations, emergency visits, surgeries and even dental care. Veterinary care is expensive! Pet Assure helps make it affordable and is not insurance, so you receive discounts for any pet and the number of pets is unlimited. It’s easy to use: Present your member ID card at a participating vet and the vet will automatically discount your bill. In addition, your membership includes a 24-hour pet hot line: WhiskerDocs, a team of veterinarians and veterinary technicians that are ready to talk when something seems wrong with your fur baby. Lastly, Access Development is included, providing 10%-50% discounts at 250,000 retailers and also includes discounts on hotels, car rentals and more. Benefits for Pets only costs pennies a day and can easily save you hundreds of dollars.

  • Only $14.95/month
  • Members will save 25% on veterinary services*
  • Accepted at over 2,600 veterinarians*
  • Membership includes a 24-hour pet hot line: WhiskerDocs

Air & Ground Transportation

MASA MTS is here to protect its members and their families from potential gaps in health insurance coverage by providing them with comprehensive financial protection for lifesaving emergency transportation services, both at home and away from home. Many American employers and employees believe that their health insurance policies cover most , if not all ambulance expenses. The truth is, they DO NOT! Even after insurance payments for emergency transportation, you could receive a bill up to $5,000 for ground ambulance and as high as $70,000 for air ambulance. The financial burdens for medical transportation costs are very real.

  • o Plans starting for individual or family for under $20/month.
  • NO deductibles
  • NO health questions
  • Easy claims process

Alliance Supplemental Insurance

Alliance Supplemental Insurance is designed to pay a fixed benefit amount for certain critical illnesses, like a heart attack or cancer, and for hospital confinement due to a covered accident or sickness. These benefits are paid directly to the covered person and can be used for any purpose. Alliance Supplemental Insurance can also provide reimbursement for out-of-pocket medical expenses due to a covered accidental injury, after a per accident deductible is met. These benefits will pay medical expenses not covered by another insurance coverage including deductibles, coinsurance, and copays.

  • 4 available plan offerings
  • Critical Illness – Pays a lump sum if you’re diagnosed with a covered Critical illness like cancer, heart attack, etc.
  • Accident Medical Expense – After the deductible, benefits may cover your out-of-pocket medical expenses resulting from a covered accident up to the maximum benefit amount
  • Hospital Indemnity – Hospital indemnity insurance, pays you benefits when you are confined to a hospital for a covered accident or sickness

Accident Medical Expense

Accident Medical Expense insurance, sometimes called AME, reimburses a Covered Person’s medical expenses not covered by other insurance for a covered accident or injury after a $100 per accident deductible. AME has three plans to choose from to help pay for your cost for covered emergency room visits, ambulance rides, prescription medications, hospital stays and even doctor office expenses. When the unexpected accident happens, we are here to help.

  • Reimbursement benefit towards costs not covered by your health insurance
  • Reimbursement benefit towards costs that apply to your health insurance deductible & coinsurance
  • Benefits work to complement your existing health coverage
  • No limit on the number of covered accidents

Financial Protections

Accidental Death

This benefit is an insurance benefits paid to your beneficiary due to an accidental death. Dismemberment benefits are paid due to loss of eyesight, loss of hearing, loss of speech, or any loss of two limbs caused by an accident. Many of our everyday activities come with built-in risks and unfortunately, accidents happen more often than we would like to think. Accidents are the third leading cause of death in the US. Having an extra layer of protection can be a comfort to your loved ones. While you cannot predict when accidents happen, you can certainly be prepared for them when they do occur. Get Covered Today, Get A Quote!

  • No medical exams
  • No waiting period
  • Guaranteed approval
  • Benefits paid in one lump sum

Cyber ID Protection

Identity Theft occurs when someone uses your name or personal information without your knowledge to commit fraud or theft. This includes opening a credit account, taking out a loan, filing fake tax returns and /or making a major purchase fraudulently. Once your identity is compromised, thieves can use it repeatedly, using each new account as a reference for the next one.

  • EndpointLock™ Device Protection
  • Public Records Identity Monitoring*
  • Credit Monitoring*
  • Score Tracker*
  • Dark Web Monitoring*
  • Fully Managed Recovery Services
  • $1,000,000 Personal Identity Theft Policy

*Note: These services are only available to the main applicant in both the individual and family plans and the one email address provided during sign-up is used as the point of contact, to create an identity care account and receive monitoring notifications. For Dark Web Monitoring, the main applicant will be able to add up to 10 email addresses under their own Identity Care Account.

Personal Protections


Most people simply can’t afford to rebuild their home and replace everything in it if there’s a disaster. A home insurance policy can protect your property, some of your personal possessions and you.

Home is a place to relax. So, when you get home and let your guard down, we step up. Providing protection when and where you need it most. We’re proud to offer dependable home insurance policies. Get a homeowners quote online to start protecting your home, belongings give you and peace of mind.

  • Nationally, more than half of U.S. homes are underinsured. Make sure your home is insured to at least 100% of its estimated replacement cost.
  • Bundle & save – combine auto, home and life to save time and money.
  • Manage your policies online – get ID cards and policy documents, change your coverages, make payments or manage a claim.
  • Basic homeowners insurance coverages – dwelling, contents, personal liability, medical payments to others, ordinance or law insurance, other structures, loss of use, credit card coverage
  • Other homeowners insurance coverages – identity theft, valuables plus, replacement cost plus, water backup, earthquake, flood insurance


If you live in a rented apartment, condominium or home, you need to protect yourself, your space and your stuff. Some managed communities even require that you have a certain amount of renters coverage as part of your lease agreement. Typically, your landlord’s policy won’t help if your belongings are stolen or damaged. For that you need renters insurance.

  • WHY YOU NEED RENTERS INSURANCE: Protect your property, protect yourself and others, and ensure you have somewhere to live
  • The average cost of renters insurance varies depending on what kind of coverage and deductible you select, but can cost as little as $20 a month with Nationwide.
  • Nationwide offers renters insurance coverage including: Covering your belongings, Personal liability, Medical and liability, Loss of use
  • You can also save on your policy by bundling your renters insurance with another policy, or by exploring renters insurance discounts available from Nationwide.
  • Basic renters insurance coverages – contents, loss of use, personal liability, medical payments to others, building additions and alterations, and credit card coverage.
  • Other renters insurance coverages – valuables plus, water backup, fact extension, earthquake


If you own a condo, the building’s master policy may not be enough to cover your space or personal belongings. Condo insurance provides protection for your things and the parts of your condo that are your responsibility. We’ll be there, along with our superior claims service, in the event of theft, natural disasters and other types of covered damage.

  • Condo insurance offers protection against fire and smoke damage, weather damage, theft and vandalism
  • It also covers additions you make to the inside of your residence.
  • Basic condo insurance coverages – contents, loss of use, personal liability, condo loss assessments, medical payments to others, building additions and alterations, and credit card coverage.
  • Optional condo coverages – ID theft, valuables plus, water backup, earthquake


The best time to think about flood insurance is before you actually need it. Everyone lives in either a high-risk or low-risk flood zone. Getting a flood insurance quote is the first step toward giving yourself peace of mind.

  • Floods damage more homes in the United States than any other natural disaster (
  • You may be surprised to learn that your property insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. That’s because flood insurance policies are generally purchased separately through government programs.
  • Most flood insurance coverage is offered by the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • Available to homeowners, condo owners, landlords, business owners and renters, flood insurance may cover: Furniture, clothing and other belongings, Certain cleanup expenses, Damages to your heating and cooling system, Repair or replacement of flooring
  • There are MANY factors considered when pricing flood insurance, but the average cost of flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program is about $700 per year (

Home Warranty

If you live in a rented apartment, condominium or home, you need to protect yourself, your space and your stuff. Some managed communities even require that you have a Keep your home running smoothly and your budget intact with a home warranty from AFC Home Club. AFC’s warranty plans repair or replace your home’s systems and appliances when they break down AND cover the cost.* When essential items like your air conditioner, refrigerator, water heater, or plumbing malfunction, simply call AFC or request service online–AFC will take care of the repair and pay for any covered items. With coverage available for up to 24 household items, it’s easy to find a plan that fits your home and your budget. Plus, AFC’s flexible coverage lets you choose your own technician.

  • Four Different Plans Available
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Choose Your Own Technician
  • Repairs Backed By Work Guarantee

RV Warranty / RV Extended Warranty

When your recreational vehicle breaks down, repairs are expensive. ARW’s warranty plans protect RVers from unexpected repair costs. Our plans cover a wide range of mechanical components, from engines and fresh water systems to air conditioners, water heaters, slide-out mechanisms, accessories, and more. Founded by warranty experts with over 50 years’ experience, ARW brings peace of mind and savings for any type of RV, from diesel Class A motorhomes to travel trailers. Our award-winning administrative team works hard to bring you reliable coverage and great service.

  • Customizable Plans & Backed by A-Rated Insurance24/7 Customer Service
  • No Inspection Required
  • Transferable Coverage & Covers Repairs Anywhere in US or Canada
  • Dedicated Account Managers




Protecting dreams for the future today.

We’ve teamed up with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana to offer you affordable, high-quality health insurance for your employees. The LABI Benefits Center offers a suite of employer group insurance plans designed for companies with two or more eligible employees.

Access to BCBSLA health plans, with additional free services exclusively offered to LABI members:

  • COBRA Administration
  • Non-Discrimination Testing
  • Section 125 Premium Only Plan
  • ERISA Wrap Around Document


Benefits you can see.

Blue Cross has teamed up with Davis Vision to offer vision care to employers.

Standard Vision Benefits
(when visiting a Davis Vision network provider)

  • National network of more than 45,000 providers
  • Your employees pay little or no copayment for a comprehensive eye exam
  • Your employees pay little or no copayment for single vision, bifocal or trifocal lenses
  • Your employees pay little or no copayment for frames from the Davis Vision Collection or receive up to a $175 allowance toward the cost of other frames
  • Your employees pay no copayment for contact lenses and receive a $150 allowance toward the cost of contact lenses
  • Your employees may access discounts from participating providers for Lasik surgery; but, this is not an insured benefit


There’s no such thing as a plan that’s too good. That’s why each of these vision plans is packed with features that don’t cost you or your employees anything extra.

  • High allowance for frames and contact lenses available through BCBSLA
  • Replacement contact lens program
  • Additional discount on items not covered by your plan
  • Laser vision correction discounts
  • One-year breakage warranty for eyeglasses


Benefits that make your employees smile.

With recent research showing how important oral health is to overall health, having a dental insurer who is dedicated to affordable, quality dental care is more important than ever. Whether you’re looking for a dental plan to fit a business budget or your employees’ checkbooks, we have the solution.

  • Blue Dental for Individuals
  • Blue Dental for Small Group
  • Large Group Dental
  • Large Group Voluntary Dental

Life Insurance

While 86 percent of Americans believe that life insurance is something most people need, more than a third don’t have any life insurance at all, and those who are insured have coverage equal to less than four times their annual income. Most experts believe that coverage equal to 10 times one’s annual income is a more reasonable rule of thumb.

  • Group Life/AD&D

    (For employers with two or more eligible employees)
  • Voluntary Life/AD&D (For employers with 10 or more eligible employees. Participation must be the greater of 25 percent of eligible employees or six lives)
  • Voluntary High Limit AD&D (For employers with 10 or more eligible employees. Participation must be the greater of 25 percent of eligible employees or 10 lives)


A disability can be something as simple as an illness or injury that prevents one from working. Almost 30 percent of workers in the workforce will become disabled for at least 90 days before age 67. Unfortunately, many people have not planned for the financial burden they will face if they should become disabled and unable to work for an extended period.

Protecting Employers and Employees

  • Short-Term Disability Products (Group + Voluntary)
  • Long-Term Disability Products (Group + Voluntary)
  • Seamless Disability Claim Transition
  • Employee Assistance Program (Disability Guidance: Supporting a healthy return to work)

Human Resources


Discounted and enhanced for LABI members

We start with a consultation to understand your business in order to build a tailored solution that fits your unique needs. Beyond just payroll, you receive:

  • Paperless payroll
  • Direct deposit
  • Payroll tax compliance
  • Safest encrypted security in payroll
  • Online, customized, easy-to-read reports

Employee Assistance Program

Addresses the unique requirements of each company’s employees, workplace and healthcare issues which impact performance and profitability.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has been established to provide confidential aid to employees, as well as, members of your immediate family who may be experiencing problems affecting the quality of their lives or the quality of their work.

  • confidential, caring assistance to employees and their families experiencing personal problems, including financial & legal issues
  • crisis intervention & management
  • pre-treatment or pre-referral evaluation
  • short-term counseling
  • and more!


There are no forms to fill out or paperwork to complete, simply download your pre-activated card and receive immediate discounts at more than 68,000 pharmacies nationwide!

Identity Theft

Norton LifeLock Inc. is a global leader in consumer Cyber Safety. We are solely dedicated to helping secure the devices, identities, online privacy and home and family needs of nearly 50 million consumers, providing them with a trusted ally in a complex digital world.

Norton LifeLock combats real threats of:

  • Identity theft                      
  • Device security
  • Online privacy
  • Social media and web usage concerns by children


ACA Dashboard

Now is the time for planning and compliance.

Comprehensive Analysis

Aimed at minimizing one’s ACA compliance risk, the ACA Dashboard is an integrated management tool designed to provide continually updated ACA reporting and documentation.

How It Works

  • Outline your strategy and set up Measurement, Administrative and Stability Periods for both ongoing and variable hour employees.
  • It tracks employees and utilizes this data to generate the necessary current ACA documentation required by law and exports these reports to Microsoft Excel.
  • It also generates annual IRS reports for Applicable Large Employers and can manage an unlimited number of companies in one location, all within ACA requirements.
  • Minimizes ACA compliance risk of “Pay or Play Tax”
  • Generates required ACA reporting and documentation
  • Alerts to compliance requirements
  • Takes over where payroll reporting stops
  • Manage an unlimited number of companies
  • Ongoing updates

ACA Reporting Essentials

Everything you need to report to the IRS.

  • Consolidating information related to offers of coverage, employees, etc. for IRS reporting.
  • Plan and coverage information can be managed in the solution as well as populated through integration with benefits administration system or uploaded into the solution.
  • Documenting types of coverages offered.
  • Generating the associated reporting codes based upon the health plan information.
  • Populating the C series reports and the employee statements.
  • Providing a signature ready IRS report.
  • E-filing with the IRS and multiple states

EEO-1 Reporting

Simplifying the Challenges of EEO-1 Reporting

Are you prepared?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) regulation requires complex workforce data elements on the EEO-1 Report with significant fines or penalties for non-compliance.

With some exceptions, private employers with 100 or more employees and federal contractors with 50 or more employees must complete an EEO-1 report each year.

How does the EEO-1 Reporting aid an employer?

  • Prevents an employer from facing a penalty for making false statements on the EEO-1 report (punishable by fine or imprisonment)
  • Captures information from employees as required by the EEOC
  • Identifies missing data elements necessary for compliance
  • Generates annual EEO-1 Report in required format for online filing
  • Utilizes this data to create EEOC compliance documentation
  • Manages an unlimited number of companies in one location
  • Provides auditable compliance trail and repository
  • E-filing with the IRS & multiple states
  • Aggregates data pulled from existing sources, such as payroll, to populate the EEO-1 Report

In-house solutions cannot fully address the evolving complexity of the EEO-1. Let SyncStream Solutions help you put the pieces together.

Business Owners

Business Products

Business Owner’s Policy

A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) combines business property and business liability insurance into one business insurance policy. BOP insurance helps cover your business from claims resulting from things like fire, theft or other covered disasters. Business owners insurance also helps cover claims that could arise from your business’s operation. 

  • These include claims of bodily injury or property damage. They also include claims related to personal and advertising injury.
  • Businesses can tailor their Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) to help meet their unique needs by adding optional coverages like: data breach, business income for off-premises utility services or other specialized coverages.
  • A BOP Policy is great because it can be custom-made to fit industry specific businesses. This means it’s great for businesses of any size especially small businesses. 
  • Customizing your BOP Insurance is an imperative first step when insuring your business. You should do this from the beginning to protect against loss and damages early on.


Commercial umbrella insurance gives you extra coverage to help pay for costs that exceed certain liability policy limits. Without this type of commercial insurance coverage, you’d have to pay out of pocket for liability claims that cost more than your coverage limits. 

  • This can include: legal costs, medical bills, damage to other people’s property,  judgments and settlements
  • A commercial umbrella policy can help cover claims of bodily injury, whether it’s an injured customer or employee
  • It can also cover property damage your business causes to someone else’s belongings

Cyber Insurance

When you run a small business, you face many physical risks, like property damage and injuries. But your business also faces risks that come from using technology. These include everything from data breaches to hacking.  To protect against those risks, many businesses add cyber insurance to their business insurance policies. 

 Data breach insurance helps your business respond to breaches and can offer enough protection for small business owners. 

  • Cyber liability insurance is typically meant for larger businesses and offers more coverage to help prepare for, respond to and recover from cyberattacks.
  • Hackers can target personally identifiable information (PII) or personal health information (PHI) you keep on your business’ computers. 
  • It’s important to protect your business with data breach or cyber liability insurance, to help you respond quickly after a data breach or cyberattack.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is an essential coverage for business owners, especially when running a home-based business. 

  • It helps protect the owned or rented property that you use to operate your business, such as your: Building, Equipment, Tools, Inventory, Furniture, Personal property
  • For home-based business owners, this type of commercial insurance provides more coverage than homeowners insurance. 

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